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GreensPro 1260 Greens Roller (2017)

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Split Smoothing Rollers

Minimizes stress on the greens when turning.

Overlapping Smoothing Heads

Provides full width roller coverage with no unrolled areas during every pass.

Ball Joint For Smoothing Head Connection

Provides better smoothing head articulation with minimal maintenance.

Hydraulically Driven Drive Roller

Increases reliability and removes high maintenance normally seen with a chain and sproket design.

QuickLatch Coupler

Easy for the operator to attach roller to vehicle with one hand.

Light Tongue Weight

Reduces stress on operators back and makes the machine easy to maneuver.

QuickConnect Oil Drain

Minimizes the time required to change engine oil.

Bidirectional Seat Adjustment

Achieve best ergonomic position for the operator.

40 Degree Tilt Steering

Achieve best ergonomic position for the operator.

1 Grease Zerk

Minimize time required for maintenance.

Honda GX200 air-cooled, 4/stroke OHV; mechanically governed

Tilt steering wheel, directional foot pedal

Engine Horsepower
5.5hp (4.1kW)

Ground Speed
0-8 mph (0-12.8 km/h) in either direction

42.2” (107 cm)

53.5” (136 cm)

High back with armrests, bi-directional adjustment

Transport tires – 16×6.5-8

679 lbs. (308 kg)

48″ (122 cm)

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The new GreensPro 1260 is the next evolution of greens roller. With enhanced features like the hydraulically driven drive roller the GreensPro 1260 reduces the maintenance required with the older chain drive systems. The GreensPro 1260 delivers exceptionally smooth and fast greens with a superior operator platform. The split overlapping, contour following smoothing rollers perfectly follow undulations delivering exceptionally smooth putting surfaces. The operator platform is fully adjustable for unmatched comfort and operator safety. The new transport system featuring a QuickLatch coupler makes transporting from green to green unbelievably quick and simple.