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TORO (HD) Workman 2013, with 2020 hours, power dump bed with bed liner.

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This is a recent lease return that was completely service by the Toro dealer and then out on loan to support a local golf tournament. This unit runs and operates very well just needs a good cleaning and two new seats.

*B&S Daihatsu® 950G EFI, 31.5 hp (23.4 kw), 4-cycle, liquid-cooled, 950 cc, 3-cylinder, overhead     camshaft, counterbalanced gasoline engine.

*Transmission: Rear transaxle directly connected to engine, twin axle drive. 3-speed synchromesh transmission (forward speeds only), H-shift pattern with high-low range providing 6 forward speeds and 2 in reverse.

*Interlock key switch that prevents engine from running in 3rd gear, high range.

*Hydraulic power steering with steering valve coupled to hydraulic cylinder with thru shaft. Maximum steering angle is 70 degrees on 2WD.

*Twin halogen headlights and dual taillights actuated by switch on dash. Dual brake lights actuated by brake pedal.

*Controls: Throttle, brake and clutch pedals, gear shifter, differential lock, parking brake, high-low range shifter and hydraulic lift levers.

*Ground Clearance: 7” with no load.

*Cargo Bed Capacity: 2499 lbs.

*Maximum trailer weight of 3500 lbs

*Completely service, oil and oil filter, hydraulic fluid and filter air filter before being loaned to support local tournament.

*Hours: 2020